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As far as our memory goes, Alvarinho was always present in our Territory, where grapevines were traditionally planted around the outskirts of a parcel. João António Cerdeira was the first to break from this tradition in Melgaço and planted a full parcel as a continuous vineyard of Alvarinho. Today the third generation family members continue to embrace this spirit of innovation.​

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We offer many ways for you to discover our region and its traditions. You can join us for a wine tasting and tour of our first vineyards, a gastronomic journey through Minho cuisine, or even a tasting of local herbal teas, a unique part of our culture.​

Herbal Teas from our Territory

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Before Alvarinho became the most widely grown crop, the people of Monção and Melgaço would tend to plots of aromatic herbs in their own backyards to be used for infusions and culinary purposes. Our line The Pur Terroir herbal teas pays respect to this time-honoured tradition, as well as our terroir.

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