An unusual blend: Soalheiro Mineral Rosé 2022  


Soalheiro Mineral Rosé is the result of the unexpected combination of the Alvarinho and Pinot Noir grape varieties – an unusual, French-inspired blend.   

“This wine was born out of the desire to produce a light, dry rosé, in the style of the south of France, which would demonstrate the versatility of our territory”

says Luís Cerdeira, Soalheiro’s winemaker and manager. 

Two grape varieties, two territories  

Alvarinho comes from the vineyards of Monção and Melgaço, which are more inland and at a higher altitude, on granite soils. Pinot Noir comes from vineyards in the west of the Vinho Verde region, where the Atlantic influence is felt due to the proximity of the sea.  

The unlikely friendship between the two varieties makes for an unexpected blend. The wine owes its intense minerality to the granite soils, but also to the surprising way in which the Pinot Noir has adapted to the Atlantic influence, bringing a remarkable freshness.  

Soalheiro Mineral Rosé 2022 is a dry, smooth wine with a moderate alcohol content and a not very pronounced sweetness that brings out the minerality in the mouth. It is fresh and light, making it an ideal wine for any occasion, whether on its own or to accompany a main course.

Two different winemaking rhythms  

Separated into three distinct phases, the vinification of Soalheiro Mineral Rosé is complex and methodical. The Pinot Noir grapes are the first to be harvested, usually in August, while the Alvarinho grapes are harvested in September. 

First, Alvarinho and Pinot Noir are pressed and fermented, at two different rhythms. Only then the fermented musts are combined. The blend is then aged in stainless steel for at least 6 months on the lees. 

The result is a wine that is aromatic and fresh, but with a mineral character and intense flavour.

Two grape varieties that come together at different rhythms to surprise us this summer. Discover the 2022 vintage! 

Soalheiro Mineral Rosé 2022

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