Sustainable projects

Green Architecture

Our partnership with the Porto Protocol certainly got off on the right foot when we began implementing construction on our winery to make it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The new winery buildings are north facing, away from direct sunlight, with the south side completely buried.

On the roof is a naturally occurring greenspace, complete with local flora, ensuring that the building respects nature and has the least possible impact on the landscape.

Our main goal with this project was to decrease the winery’s energy consumption by naturally maintaining a lower temperature.

With these improvements we aim to lower our global energy consumption by up to 26%, not only benefiting the environment but also allowing us to put the funds we will save into other sustainability focused initiatives.

This venture has inspired our architects to heighten their focus on sustainability, with all future projects focusing on limiting environmental impacts. In the future, the greenspace will be used to grow vegetables and herbal teas, and also host wine tourism activities.