Sustainable projects

Cultivating Old Traditions

Herbal tea venture

In an effort to preserve and valorize the local culture of infusions, we developed a branch of Soalheiro dedicated to herbal tea production. Taking responsibility for the entire process, from cultivation to drying and packaging, we partnered with local experts to ensure the best practices. Our teas are sourced from herbs that grow natively in our Territory, as well as others that have adapted perfectly. We treat them in a way that the infusions express the full flavour potential of each plant.

The impacts of this project reach many aspects of our region. The cultivation of these plants is certified organic and promotes biodiversity, with some of the herbs even growing wildly among the vines. It allows us to spread our wings and produce other products, avoiding monoculture and allowing agricultural diversity. Before Alvarinho became the most popular crop, the people of our region would grow herbs in their backyards for infusions or culinary purposes. Through our project this culture is revitalized, even allowing those who have moved away to have access to the herbs of their area no matter where they live. We also source herbs from local growers, who are members of our Club of Producers, valorizing their hard work while also benefiting the local economy.