Sustainable projects

Less (glass) is more

Functional and sustainable Packaging

With the 2020 vintage we introduced new, eco-friendly and more functional packaging. We designed a custom bottle that uses less glass, resulting in a 19% reduction in CO2 emissions during its manufacturing.

That means, in every case of 6 bottles there is one less bottle’s worth of glass than before. Additionally, by changing our supplier to a Portuguese company we can support the local economy while reducing the CO2 emissions associated with transportation by 8.5 times. The new bottle shape is also more versatile, allowing for easier storage on a shelf or in the refrigerator, keeping in mind the varying needs of our consumers.

In addition to bottle design, we also made improvements to the outer packaging of our wines. The new boxes now use 39% less cardboard than before and source the cardboard only from Sustainable Forests with FSC certification. Additionally, we were able to cut down on the carbon footprint associated with transporting the boxes to our facilities.

With this project we aimed to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local economy, while also keeping in mind the needs and wants of our consumer. Each new bottle is engraved with our name, Soalheiro, as the signature of our innovative team who collaborated on the design, as well as our Club of Producers and their contributions to the contents of every bottle.