Alvarinho Soalheiro (Clássico)
Fresh aroma, intense flavour, and an unusual evolution in the bottle

Alvarinho Soalheiro 9% Alvarinho
Plenty of acidity and sweetness with a low 9% alcohol concentration

Soalheiro ALLO – Alvarinho & Loureiro
Lively yet elegant, a blend of two noble varietals of Minho


Soalheiro Granit – Alvarinho
All about minerality, Alvarinho from the mountain

Soalheiro Germinar Loureiro – Vinhas Velhas (Old Vines)
A Loureiro with Atlantic influences, from the valley of the Minho River

Soalheiro Primeiras Vinhas – Alvarinho
Alvarinho produced from our first vines (old vines)

Soalheiro Reserva – Alvarinho
Fruity and round, Alvarinho fermented in oak barrels

Soalheiro Oppaco
Delicate and elegant, the first Soalheiro red wine

Soalheiro Mineral Rosé – Pinot Noir & Alvarinho
Dry and mineral, as persistent as Pinot Noir and as elegant as Alvarinho

Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc & Alvarinho
Aromatic and elegant, a blend with Atlantic Sauvignon Blanc


Soalheiro Terramatter Alvarinho Bio
Original expression of our land, unfiltered and organic

Soalheiro Nature Alvarinho Bio
An ’out of the box’ organic wine without the addition of sulphites


Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Alvarinho
The first-ever sparkling Alvarinho following the classic method

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Rosé
Elegant and delicate with pink salmon colour

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Nature
Inspired by the ancestral method, without added sulphites

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Barrica
Aged in oak barrels before sparkling fermentation in bottle

Innovation and Partnership

Soalheiro Project Germinar
More than a wine, an awakening of awareness of equal opportunities

Soalheiro Ag.Hora
A skin contact Alvarinho fermented and aged in terracotta

Soalheiro Alumni
A special wine revealing the elasticity of Alvarinho

Soalheiro Espumante Pet Nat Alvarinho
The lightness of a Pet Nat with the Alvarinho variety


Alvarinho Soalheiro Aguardente Bagaceira
Intense aroma with added complexity from oak ageing