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Soalheiro 40 years Special Edition

Every birth has a story and we don’t know when Soalheiro’s started. It was once the name of an agricultural plot, due to the generous sun exposure, where in 1974 was planted the first continuous Alvarinho vineyard in Melgaço. 40 years ago, more precisely on 20-3-82, the first Alvarinho brand in Melgaço was born, Soalheiro.

The Soalheiro 40 Years Special Edition celebrates the diversity of the Territory and the respect for the unique characteristics of each harvest: it is composed of two distinct harvests’ testimonies – 2015 L15, a cold year and 2018 L18, a warm year, and two blends proposed by us: 2015 L1518, composed essentially by the harvest of 2015 (cold), 15% of the harvest of 2018 (warm) and a winery secret, and 2018 L1815, in inverse proportions.

An oenological game that we suggest exploring in blind tastings and with your own combinations.

The labels of these four wines are a tribute to the original bottle, in a recreation that carries the name of the founder, João António Cerdeira.

Region: Monção and Melgaço, Vinho Verde DOC

Alcohol (%): 13

Total Acidity (g/dm3):
2015 L15: 8.1
2015 L1518: 7.9
2018 L1815: 6.2
2018 L18: 6.0

Residual Sugar: Dry

Grape Varieties: Alvarinho

2015 L15: 3.04
2015 L1518: 3.10
2018 L1815: 3.35
2018 L18: 3.39

Volatile Acidity (g/dm3):
2015 L15: 0.46
2015 L1518: 0.46
2018 L1815: 0.42
2018 L18: 0.42

(The values are approximate)

The Monção and Melgaço region, the origin of Alvarinho, is protected by mountains that form a unique microclimate. This allows a perfect marriage between rainfall, temperature, and the number of hours of sunshine needed for the best maturation of Alvarinho grapes. The diversity of the territory, the knowledge of the grape variety and the elasticity of Alvarinho lead to unique wines.

2015 L15 - A cold year in our territory, a fresh and vibrant Alvarinho. Seven years in stainless steel vats with the fine lees of each new harvest.

2015 L1518 - A cold vintage blended with 15% of a warm vintage, a fresh and round Alvarinho with a winery secret.

2018 L1815 - A warm vintage blended with 15% of a cold vintage, a full bodied and vibrant Alvarinho with a winery secret.

2018 L18 - A warm year in our territory, a persistent and wide Alvarinho. Four years in stainless steel vats with no intervention.