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Soalheiro Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Alvarinho

Soalheiro Aguardente Bagaceira Velha is produced by distilling the remaining skins after the pressing of Alvarinho at Soalheiro. Back in the day, all grape producers would make small distillations for their own consumption and we are no different. In the early days of our winery, Joao António Cerderia created a quality Bagaceira that aged for many years in oak barrels. After tasting it each year, our winemaker decided that the Aguardente Bagaceira Velha would benefit from at least 20 years of ageing. The spirit ages in oak barrels, from which it extracts colour and structure that complement the intense aroma of the Alvarinho variety.

Region: Monção and Melgaço, Vinho Verde DOC

Alcohol (%): 46,1

(The values are approximate)

This spirit is meant to be served as a digestif at the end of the meal. It is best accompanied by something sweet. We also recommend using it as an ingredient in desserts, such as mousse, for enhanced aroma and flavour.

Our Aguardente Bagaceira Velha has a complex aroma that is both delicate and fragrant. On the palate there is a perfect balance between the aromatic nature of Alvarinho and the prolonged ageing in oak.

The Alvarinho grapes used in this old marc spirit come from several small vineyards planted in granite soil between 100 and 200 meters in altitude. With its own particular microclimate, Monção and Melgaço is protected by a range of mountains that create the perfect conditions of rainfall, temperature, and sunshine hours needed for excellent maturation of Alvarinho.

The aromatic Alvarinho skins remaining after pressing ferment for 1 month in an environment without any air. This fermentation transforms the existing residual sugar into alcohol and extracts the best flavours from the skins. The slow distillation, using the traditional method, helps to reveal the aromas that will continue concentrating during ageing. Today, our Soalheiro Aguardente ages for at least 20 years. In the first years it is aged in young oak, then it moves to old oak and, finally, it ages in old port wine barrels. The complex ageing process over the years gives this spirit a unique personality.