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Soalheiro O Cubo 2022

It was supposed to be a cube, but the shape of the glass container in our Innovation Cellar came out different: four sides are rectangles. We looked at the wine during fermentation and ageing and then bottled it. We invite you to see this wine through the glass and taste it.

Region: Melgaço e Monção, Vinho Verde DOC

Alcohol (%): 13

Total Acidity (g/dm3): 6,5

Residual Sugar: Dry

Grape Varieties: Alvarinho

pH: 3,16

Volatile Acidity (g/dm3): 0,45

(The values are approximate)

Monção and Melgaço, Portugal's northernmost region, is protected by surrounding mountains that provide conditions in which rainfall, temperature and the number of hours of sunshine are the most suitable for the best ripening of the Alvarinho grape variety. These climatic conditions, which occur during the grape's ripening period, are often associated with Monção and Melgaço's microclimate, where hot days alternate with cold nights, thus enabling a balance to be achieved between preserving the grape's fresh, fruity aromas and a vibrant but moderate acidity.

The grapes are harvested by hand. After pressing and before fermentation, the must is clarified at a low temperature. Essentially, we use a selection of Alvarinho grapes from the Monção and Melgaço valley, grapes with a similar profile to our Soalheiro Alvarinho Clássico, but which ferment and age in a glass container (O Cubo) to assess the potential of this new material in the sensory expression of Alvarinho.

Straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections. Intense and complex aroma, with notes of ripe white fruit such as peach and nectarine, floral notes, jasmine and orange blossom, and mineral notes of wet stone and chalk. On the palate, balanced and refreshing acidity, notes of ripe white fruit, with nuances of spices and honey.

Goes well with seafood or grilled or roasted fish dishes and soft cheeses.