Sustainability and Innovation

At Soalheiro,
we believe that the
key to success
lies in the success
of those around us.

We would not exist without the culture and landscape of our Territory, and it is only when our region, and planet, thrive that we truly begin to flourish. The prosperity of Monção and Melgaço, Vinho Verde, and our beloved Alvarinho, rely on development that can be maintained, taking into consideration not only current needs, but those of future generations. For this reason, we are committed to sustainability and its development through innovation. Following the 17 Sustainable Development Guidelines set forth by the UN, we are committed to the advancement of a peaceful and prosperous planet for present and future generations.

Sustainability, in all its forms, define the pillars on which we base our values

In every area of our company sustainability is the focus, and we never make a decision without considering its environmental, social, and economic impacts. To be truly sustainable, it is important to also be innovative, always finding new and creative ways to lessen our effects on the planet and improve the lives of those around us. These ideals are embodied in our Club of Producers, consisting of more than 150 grape growing families receiving our support throughout the year. Through this initiative we encourage environmentally friendly vineyard practices while encouraging a diverse Alvarinho culture and upholding our Territory’s long-standing tradition of grape-growing.

Our values also led to the creation of the Soalheiro Innovation Centre – a place where we can take all of our crazy ideas and turn them into reality, always developing new and exciting projects. In 2019 we became the first winery in Portugal to achieve the Investigation, Development and Innovation certification (IDI) (NP 4457-Based on Oslo Manual of OECD), helping us to bring success to Vinho Verde and improve the quality of Alvarinho in Monção and Melgaço.

At any given moment there are several projects going on at the Soalheiro Innovation Centre. These come from spontaneous ideas in our daily routine, where the commitment of our team is fundamental and everybody’s voice is heard. We are not just focused on making new wines and improving winemaking processes. Our innovations span a variety of topics, from better vineyard practices, to environmental studies, to social projects.

Some examples of our projects


Green Architecture


Innovation in winemaking


Innovation in the Vineyards


Functional and sustainable Packaging


Innovation in Wine Tourism


Herbal tea venture


Project Germinar