Sustainable projects

Opening the doors of our Territory

Innovation in Wine Tourism

We believe that Wine Tourism is one of the best ways for people to come and experience our Territory. There was never a clear beginning of Wine Tourism at Soalheiro. Since our early days as a garage winery, Palmira Cerdeira always welcomed people to our house, sharing our love for our wines and for our Territory. Since then, we have broadened the offer. We have built a tasting room with a panoramic view of the Minho River Valley, developed partnerships with local producers, created special gastronomic experiences, and even opened our home to welcome overnight guests. Our team is always innovating ways to improve our Wine Tourism offer while respecting the inviting spirit we have had since the beginning.

Soalheiro at home. Our customers can order specially curated packages of our wines, to be shipped to their door, that include a unique digital tasting with our oenologist. In this way, even when you cannot visit the winery you can have a personalized experience with some of our wines.

Telling the story of Alvarinho. Our team developed a book for children about Alvarinho. The goal of this project is to introduce the local youth about a grape with its origins in Monção and Melgaço, that is so linked to the local heritage and economy. With this project, we hope to educate about the importance of this varietal and instill a sense of pride in the young people in our Territory. The book is available for free on our website.

Our favourite plates. A book of recipes was developed by our team during the confinement period of 2020. It is filled with our favourite dishes, some local from our region and others from afar. It offers many excellent foods to be paired with our wines, letting you connect with the soul of our team no matter where you are. The recipe book is available for free on our website.