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Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Alvarinho

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Alvarinho was the first sparkling wine we produced in 1995. At that time, we were the first producer to make a 100% Alvarinho sparkling wine. Now this trend has spread to other parts of Vinho Verde and even Rias Baixas. Our Espumante Bruto Alvarinho follows the classic method of production, undergoing a secondary fermentation in the bottle. With this wine we aim to reveal the purity and aroma of Alvarinho. Espumante Bruto is fresh, highlighting the varietal’s elegance and complexity.

Region: Minho IGP

Alcohol (%): 12,5

Total Acidity (g/dm3): 6

Residual Sugar: Brut

Grape Varieties: Alvarinho

pH: 3,21

Volatile Acidity (g/dm3): 0,20

(The values are approximate)

Our Espumante Bruto Alvarinho is very versatile, pairing with a wide range of cuisines. It can stand on its own as an aperitif but also pairs well with roasted meats, fried foods, shellfish (especially oysters), or aged, salty cheeses. This wine is also an excellent match for Lamprey, a local delicacy of Minho.

This wine has a lemon yellow colour with fine and persistent bubbles. The aromas are characteristically Alvarinho - fruity and fresh. On the palate there are notes of minerality, with nice complexity and a lasting finish. The mouthfeel shows a delicate balance between acidity and alcohol.

The Alvarinho grapes for this wine come from several small vineyards planted in granite soil, from 100 to 200 meters in altitude. This altitude maintains the freshness and aromatics we look for in our Espumante Bruto Alvarinho. Monção and Melgaço region, the most northern point of Portugal, is protected by a range of mountains that create a microclimate with the perfect harmony between rainfall, temperature, and number of hours of sunshine. These conditions allow for the best ripening of Alvarinho.

The creation of a sparkling from the Alvarinho variety first requires a careful selection of grapes with the right level of acidity. The grapes are pressed, and the resulting must ferments under controlled temperature, yielding the base wine. Following the traditional method of sparkling wine production, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle. In the cellar, the wine ages in constant low temperature for several months, developing a sparkling wine that showcases all the elegance of Alvarinho. Following the second fermentation we proceed to the disgorging, where we eliminate the yeast in the bottle and replace the provisional metal stopper for a traditional sparkling cork.

  • This wine is produced in a way that is vegetarian and vegan friendly