Lemon Verbena

Widly aromatic, the invigorating citrus smell of Lemon Verbena will grab your attention from the moment you open the package. Enjoy a cup of Lemon Verbena for a relaxing pause during a busy day.

Lemon Balm

A singular member of the mint family, Lemon Balm has a delicate aroma that delights the senses. With a history of use for its soothing properties, it is perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up.



Sometimes recognized as the sweeter cousin of Peppermint, Spearmint grows wildly among our vineyards. Allow the fresh aroma to transport you to springtime in the Minho countryside.



You’ve used Thyme in the kitchen, but have you tried it as a tea? Indulge yourself in this aromatic herb and experience why its therapeutic qualities have been regarded for centuries.



The intense natural aroma of Rosemary will captivate your senses and ease your mind as soon as you open the package. Popular in the kitchen, a cup of Rosemary tea can be just the thing to clear a foggy mind.


Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme combines the earthy flavours of Thyme with refreshing notes of citrus. Let the sweet lemony aromas awaken your senses and calm your mind.


Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint, as the name suggests, naturally combines the freshness of mint with the sweet aromas of chocolate. A dessert in a glass, its digestive properties make Chocolate Mint the perfect after-dinner tea.

Strawberry-Fields-Globe-Amaranth Soalheiro the pur terroir

Strawberry Fields Globe Amaranth

The red flowers of this species of Globe Amaranth look like mini strawberries, inspiring its more common name. Popular with vocalists, Strawberry Fields Globe Amaranth is perfect for your vocal cords after a long day of exciting conversation.

Lemongrass Soalheiro the Pur Terroir


Popular in many Asian cuisines, Lemongrass is a bright, citrusy herb that is also used to promote well-being. Brew a cup of this infusion and let its energizing smell fill your home and rouse your mind.

Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth is recognized in many cultures for its long blooming season and bright purple colour that never fades, even when dry. In Portuguese, for example, it is known as perpétua roxa, meaning ‘perpetual purple’. Brew yourself a colourful cup of this flower to brighten your spirits after a long day.

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