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Soalheiro Oppaco 2018

Oppaco is the first-ever red wine made by Soalheiro, marking a new chapter in our history. The goal was to take an innovative approach to the region’s red wines. It started in 2013 as a blend of two regional grape varieties, red Vinhão (known as Sousão in Douro Region) and white Alvarinho. Today it includes Pinot Noir, as well, to achieve the perfect flavour balance. This combination allows the elegance of Alvarinho and the light, fruit-forward profile of Pinot Noir to tone down the rusticity of Vinhão, producing a delicate and elegant wine with an outstanding balance between tannins, alcohol, and acidity. We named this wine Oppaco, meaning ‘opaque’, to mark Soalheiro’s venture into the world of red wine.

Our vintages

Region: Minho IGP

Alcohol (%): 12

Total Acidity (g/dm3): 5,7

Residual Sugar: Dry

Grape Varieties: Vinhão (70%), Alvarinho (15%), Pinot Noir (15%)

pH: 3,56

Volatile Acidity (g/dm3): 0,75

(The values are approximate)

Soalheiro Oppaco pairs well with a wide range of foods, such as salmon or other fatty fish, red meat, goat, lamb, duck, and other game dishes. Of course, we cannot forget to pair it with lamprey, the local delicacy of Minho. When consumed at the right temperature (16°C), its acidity, elegance, and concentrated profile make it a perfect match for dishes traditionally paired with white wines. If you love fish and want a red wine, this is the wine to choose!

Oppaco has a bright ruby colour and aromas of fresh red fruit with hints of spice. The flavour is elegant, lasting, and with persistent tannins. Soalheiro Oppaco has the same ability to evolve in the bottle as our white wines.

Alvarinho and Vinhão come from inland vineyards, while the Pinot Noir grows on old vines in the Atlantic area of Minho region. This means that Oppaco is a blend not only of varietals, but also of terroirs. Cold nights during the ripening season, as well as the granitic soil typical of both terroirs, determine the character of this new style of red wines in Vinho Verde.

Oppaco represents true innovation. Local Vinhão grapes are very special, particularly in their high tannin concentration and colour. Therefore, it is essential to combine them with other varieties, like our beloved Alvarinho, to provide some restraint and produce more elegant wines. The Vinhão variety is one of few red varieties where the pulp of the grapes is also red, producing a must that already has colour. The grapes are therefore pressed immediately following harvest to avoid a lot of skin contact. Alvarinho and Vinhão ferment together, spending no time macerating, while Pinot Noir ferments separately and spends time macerating with its skins. After fermentation, 30% of the wine ages in young French oak barrels for 1 year.

  • This wine is produced in a way that is vegetarian and vegan friendly
1 - 2016 - 92 points

92 Points
Adega Portugal 2020 - Wine Guide

2 - 2013 - 16.5

16,5 points
Julia Harding MW - 2020

Vintage 2016

  • Soalheiro Oppaco 2016 received 92 points, being among the “Best of the Year” by the “Adega Portugal 2020” Wine Guide (Brazil, 2020)

Vintage 2013

  • Soalheiro Oppaco 2013 wins 16,5 points awarded by Julia Harding MW - (UK, 2020)