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(Rosmarinus officinalis)

The intense natural aroma of Rosemary will captivate your senses and ease your mind as soon as you open the package. Popular in the kitchen, a cup of Rosemary tea can be just the thing to clear a foggy mind. Read more…

Known for its powerful fragrance, Rosemary has strong pine and floral aromas. Infusions are smooth, with notes of citrus, sage, and even mint, followed by a slight peppery finish.

Restless and rumbly. Rosemary can calm stress while improving focus and cognitive function.  It is also good for your digestive system, so try a cup when you need peace of body and mind. 

Product information

Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as Rosemary, is a member of the mint family. The fragrant leaves of this shrub have been used for culinary and therapeutic purposes for centuries across many cultures.

Organically cultivated plants originate in our nursery and are selected from the best adapted cultivars. Harvesting is done by hand near the flowering stage of the plant cycle (when essential oil concentration is higher). Leaves are dried at low temperatures, never exceeding 25ºC. The best leaves are selected by hand.

Combine 2 tablespoons of Rosemary leaves with 1 litre of 85°C water in your vessel of choice (tea strainer, tea pot, or even right into the mug). Let the leaves steep for 5-7 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea.

  • This preparation guide is just a recommendation. Feel free to prepare as per your preference.

Rosemary is believed to benefit cognitive function, stimulating the mind, improving memory, and even boosting your mood. Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial compounds, Rosemary may also aid the immune system and the digestive tract.

  • This herbal tea infusion is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease, though certain compounds found in it may support or benefit your health. Always consult your physician regarding medical conditions and for personalized medical advice.

The complex aromatics of Rosemary make it a great complement for savoury dishes and the perfect infusion for olive oil. It is commonly used in soups, casseroles, and even freshly baked breads. Rosemary is also excellent with a variety of meats, such as steak, poultry, and pork, or with vegetable and grain dishes.

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100% pure Rosemary from our Territory.

Nutritional information

Dairy free, gluten free, caffeine free, theine free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans