Herbal Teas

How we harvest our herbal tea


The perfect time for harvest

The harvest of aromatic plants occurs when approximately one third of the plot enters the blooming stage, when the concentration of active ingredients, such as essential oils, is higher.

The ideal time to carry out the harvest depends on each species and is also conditioned by the parts of the plants we intend to harvest. For example, in the case of Globe Amaranth and Strawberry Fields Globe Amaranth, we only harvest the flowers. However, the blooming stage occurs in spring, and the harvest continues until autumn.

The harvest date of each herbal tea is very important, and so is the time of day.

“We start harvesting very early, around 6am, to ensure that there is no leaf evaporation of essential oils and that the plants stay fresh.”

As André Moreira, a biologist responsible for the production of our herbal teas, states, harvesting the plants early in the morning ensures that no concentration of flavor and properties is lost. Essential oils are volatile compounds and in warmer temperatures they can evaporate quickly. Thus, the fresh morning air provides the perfect conditions for harvesting the leaves which better retain the natural properties of each aromatic plant.

From harvest to drying

We harvest the herbal teas for The Pur Terroir herbal teas by hand, to minimize damage to the leaves.

In the field, we select and pre-clean the plants, and pack the product in fenestrated boxes to allow air circulation.


The aromatic plants harvested are quickly transported to a cool place without exposure to the sun, so that they remain fresh, without signs of fermentation, avoiding any oxidation that could deteriorate the aromas, flavors, nutritional value and loss of their active ingredients.

After weighing, the aromatic plants are washed to remove dirt. This process also makes it possible to stop any fermentation that may have started after cutting and packing in the boxes. After washing, excess water is removed from the plants, so that there is no interference or prolongation of the drying process.

Essential oils: what are they and what are their benefits?

Essential oils are the volatile compounds that provide plants with their aroma and taste, as well as their therapeutic potential.

“The higher the concentration of these compounds, the more pleasant and faithful to the aromatic plant the herbal tea will be.”

Therefore, at the harvest stage, as in all stages of the production process, we are thorough and define harvest periods based on the individual characteristics of each species.

Due to their beneficial properties for health, essential oils are widely used in therapeutic treatments – aromatherapy.


The aromatic plants have different benefits. Consumption of herbal teas can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, providing an overall sense of well-being. Depending on the properties of each aromatic plant, there are several health benefits that can be obtained from a herbal tea.

You can check the benefits of each The Pur Terroir herbal teas here.

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