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Soalheiro Pet Nat Alvarinho 2020


Looking at the sky is the oldest tool in winemaking. Pet Nat Alvarinho is a sparkling wine inspired by the Ancestral Method, a wine with a natural movement and elegant bubbling. Four labels, one cloud. 

The Lightness Of A Pet Nat With The Alvarinho Variety 

Innovation has led us to wines that in the past seemed unlikely to experiment with the Alvarinho variety. Soalheiro Pet Nat Alvarinho confirms the elasticity of the variety and proposes a more relaxed and light discovery of a sparkling wine. The 2020 harvest is the first Pet Nat we have produced, directly from our Innovation Centre. Elegance and lightness brought us the will to evoke the movement of clouds in the four labels we have created for this wine. 

Inspired by the Ancestral Method, in the popular Pet-Nat style – which has revealed a different side of the varieties and aroused particular interest among the younger audience – Sarkling wine Soalheiro Pet Nat Alvarinho 2020 is a fresh and light wine, with a smooth aftertaste, due to a stop in spontaneous fermentation. 

A profile that does not need pairing. It can be drunk alone, as an appetizer for a conversation between friends, in a late afternoon in a bar. It is also an excellent choice for tasting with roasts and grills. 

What Is A Pet Nat – Pétillant Naturel? 

Pet-Nat or Pétillant Naturel is a type of sparkling wine based on an ancient winemaking process, the Ancestral Method. Inspired by this vinification process, with little intervention, we resorted to the first bottle alcoholic fermentation, without turning to dégorgement or sugar addition. 

The wine is then directly bottled before the end of its first fermentation, when it has about 20 g of residual sugar, with the fermentation of the natural sugars ending in the bottle, from which its gas, typical of sparkling wines, results. This is where Pet Nat distinguishes itself from other sparkling wines, since the gas does not result from the second fermentation, but from the first. In this wine, there is no dégorgement, so the yeasts responsible for fermentation remain in the bottle, providing it with a dull appearance. 

Discover our Soalheiro Pet Nat Alvarinho 2020 and find out more about what we have been preparing at the Innovation Centre

Soalheiro Espumante Pet Nat Alvarinho

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