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Pair local flavours with our ‘Pur Terroir’

We invite you to come and experience our commitment to our landscape and the sustainability of our environment. Taste locally sourced delicacies, always produced with careful consideration of our surroundings. Our line of natural wines, all sourced from our organic vineyards, value biodiversity and the delicate balance of our ecosystem. As pure, unaltered expressions of our terroir, they are the perfect match for these local specialties. Read more…

Minimum 2 people

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Visit to the vineyards and winery
  • Panoramic view of Minho River Valley
  • Tasting of several expressions of Alvarinho at Soalheiro
  • Food and wine pairing at Quinta de Folga
  • Tasting of Soalheiro Alvarinho (Clássico), Soalheiro Nature , Soalheiro Terramatter and Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Alvarinho paired with smoked meats from Quinta de Folga, homemade jams, and vegetables from our organic vegetable garden
30,00€ (VAT inc.)

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Your experience begins with a guided tour of our vineyards and winery. While appreciating the natural beauty of the Minho River Valley from our terrace, you will taste the aromatic, yet elegant, profile of Alvarinho. This will be followed by a tasting of local products paired with our line of natural wines at Quinta de Folga, our smokehouse. While enjoying your food and wine experience you will learn about our vineyards, our herbal tea farm, and the history of producing traditional Fumeiro (smoked meat) in Melgaço.

At Quinta de Folga we centre on Bísaro, a special breed of pig, which we breed in an ecological and sustainable manner. During the tasting you will be offered a spread of traditional smoked meats including Salpicão (dry-cured smoked pork sausage), Chouriça de Sangue (smoked blood sausage), Chouriça de Carne (smoked pork sausage), and Alheira (smoked sausage made with pork and bread) as well as homemade jams and veggies from our organic garden. Match these regional delicacies with our line of natural wines for a truly unique food and wine tasting experience.

Terramater is an entirely different Soalheiro, our first unfiltered wine. Soalheiro Nature, without sulphites of filtration, pushes our Alvarinho grapes to the limit. Our limited edition Espumante Bruto Nature is made based on the ancestral method of sparkling wine production, using curious Yeast Pearls for the secondary fermentation. This tasting also features our most recognized wine, Soalheiro Alvarinho (Clássico).

If you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the visit, the value of the visit will be fully refunded.

If you cancel your reservation between 48 to 24 hours prior to your visit, you will be given a credit for the full value paid, which can be used towards wine tourism services until the end of the calendar year.

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours prior to your visit, or do not show up, the payment will be fully charged.