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Soalheiro T-shirt

T-shirt Regular Fit and crew-neck. 100% cotton fabric.

Soalheiro Bag

On this cotton bag we apply the fabric made with residues of Alvarinho grapes developed in partnership with Tintex

Teapot with infuser | The Pur Terroir

Functional and elegant glass teapot with a stylish integral removable stainless-steel infuser, lid and an easy to hold handle.
  • Capacity: 800 ml.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: 1kg

Soalheiro Recipe Book

The creation of this book started during the confinement period of 2020, when our team members were sharing their food and wine pairing achievements on social networks, but never revealing the recipes. In response to the requests from people who were asking for recipes, we got together and prepared this book.   This book is only available in Portuguese and is free to download.

Soalheiro Children’s Book

This children’s activity book is called ‘Alvrinho – A Uva Que Queria Ser Território’ which translates to ‘Alvarinho - the grape that wanted to be a Territory’. Because Alvarinho has become more than wine or grape, it has become the landscape, the culture, the region, and the life of many families. All of these together is what we call Territory.   This book is only available in Portuguese and is free to download.

Soalheiro Premium Sommelier Set

This set includes a double hinged professional corkscrew. It also contains three wine pourers that prevent drops and act as closures to help you preserve the wine for longer after opening.   What’s included:
  • 1 Soalheiro Premium Sommelier Corkscrew
  • 3 wine pourers