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Origins Digital Wine Tasting Pack

Experience the story of Soalheiro through the Origins Digital Wine Tasting Pack, containing 3 of our most symbolic wines that unite to tell our tale. Clássico is our first and most recognized Alvarinho, Granit is sourced from our high-altitude vineyards and Terramatter is a natural representation of our terroir. The Origins Digital Wine Tasting Pack includes a digital wine tasting experience of 3 wines, 1 corkscrew, 3 wine pourers and a voucher for a future visit to Soalheiro for 2 people.

Magnum of Alvarinho Wine Pack

Magnum bottles are iconic in the world of wine for their ability to capture attention, but also for their capacity for exceptional ageing in bottle. With our Magnum of Alvarinho Wine Pack you can add three distinct bottles to your collection. Whether you choose to age or share them with friends. The Magnum of Alvarinho Wine Pack includes:
  • 1 Magnum Bottle of Alvarinho Soalheiro (Clássico) 1,5 L
  • 1 Magnum Bottle of Soalheiro 9% Alvarinho 1,5 L
  • 1 Magnum Bottle of Soalheiro Granit – Alvarinho 1,5 L

Fumeiro and Cheese Gift Basket

Enjoy a gastronomic experience of our Territory from the comfort of your home with the Fumeiro and Cheese Gift Basket. This basket combines two of our most recognized wines with traditional local flavours for a well-rounded experience of Monção and Melgaço. This gift basket includes:
  • 1 bottle of Soalheiro Alvarinho (Clássico) (75 cl)
  • 1 bottle of Soalheiro Granit (75 cl)
  • 1 Salpicão (dry-cured smoked pork sausage) from Quinta de Folga
  • 1 goat cheese from Prados de Melgaço

Territory Wine Pack

Explore the varied flavours of our region with the Territory Wine Pack. This pack consists of three wines that showcase the range of expressions of Alvarinho. See how the varietal expresses itself differently when grown in the valley, at high altitudes,, inland, far from oceanic influence, or closer to the Atlantic. This pack includes:
  • 2 bottles of Soalheiro Alvarinho (Clássico) (75 cl)
  • 2 bottles of Soalheiro Granit (75 cl)
  • 2 bottles of Soalheiro ALLO (75 cl)